Hello gorgeous!

As you may have noticed, we’ve had a little lift.. a spot of colour on the cheeks, a lick of paint here and there.. It’s Afrosol 2.0. There’s never been a better moment for us to bring back the shine to our parasol world than now, when we’re surrounded by sunshine. And what says freshness more than a lovely new place for our creations?

We think the new site reflects our values of colour, creativity and professional quality, spiced up with a little fun. We’re thrilled with our new home and the chance to renew our conversation with you lovely parasol-wearers and sun-worshippers… And we hope you like it too.

We’ll be showing you ways to customise your Afrosol, use a parasol for special occasions and blend them into your wardrobe afterwards. Everyday treats are our thing. We’re sure you’ll agree.

Let the frivolities begin!

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