Customise Your Afrosol

Make It Your Own

Want to be unique?

DIY – Customise your Afrosol!

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing….

1: Fabric Flair

Choose Your Own To Show YOUR Style
  • Each Afrosol takes 2m x 1.5m of Fabric: Non-Stretch, not too heavy and not too fine.
  • If you would like a matching bag then you would need to add another half meter.
  • We need a two week lead time to get your Afrosol sewn up.

2: Go Digital 

We have begun digitally printing onto panels, which does work out a little more expensive small quantities, but is great for larger orders.

Digital Printing ideas:

  • Photographs
  • Illustrations
  • Maps
  • Logos/ branding
  • Poetry
  • Informative info for the activist Afrosol
  • We have a template you can use to layout digital designs.

3: Try Applique

  • Do it yourself by stitching on patches or fabric shapes.

4: Add Something

  • Adding buttons and beads to really make your Afrosol your own little mobile world. This works beautifully with feathers too!

Get in touch with your creative ideas.. We’re happy to help you Customise Your Afrosol!